“At Charisma, I’ve learned how big God is, despite the worries in this life.”

“I love the worship, friends and accountability at Charisma.”

“Charisma has always pushed me forward in my relationship with God.”

“Here, I’ve learned my relationship with God is what matters most.”

Charisma Church is more than a church. It is my home and family. As a member of Charisma Church, I know I will be challenged to grow in my relationship with God. The services are powerful and full of the presence of God. I love that I am pushed to not be complacent, but to go after all that God has me.


“I’ve seen how willing and able God is to change lives at Charisma.”

“This church inspires me to go deeper in my relationship with God.”

“God has shown me that Christianity is more than just going to church.”

“I was searching for God’s direction, and He gave me purpose for my life.”

Charisma Church is an intimate place where you can not only experience God, you can serve Him too. The church has many fruitful ministries. The youth ministry and preaching are fantastic. There is an annual missions trip. In 2007 it was in Ecuador where a small team led over 1,500 people to Christ in 2 weeks. This year, we’re headed to Panama. The church also produces a television show (TV One Life) that airs internationally reaching over 100 million viewers. Most members are not Sunday Christians, but rather have a deep daily relationship with God through Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. I highly recommend this church.