Charisma's Raleigh campus will be meeting in Witherspoon Student Center, Room 201 on May 6.


  1. Submit designs, or design ideas to by Oct 1.
  2. A few selected ideas will have finished artwork done for them.
  3. Designs will be posted on Oct 3-9 so users can comment on them via Facebook or Flickr.
  4. The most liked design will be the new Charisma shirt!
  5. We will take orders Oct 11-18. They will only be $10. We want everyone to get the new shirt!
  6. The shirts should be available in a week.


  1. Must contain the Charisma Logo, somewhere on the shirt. Get it here!
  2. Must contain the website ( somewhere.
  3. Must communicate the church name clearly.
  4. Can be made for any color shirt.
  5. Use up to 5 colors.
  6. Do only a design for the front of the T-shirt.