Ministry Director: Josh Beck

Charisma Church is serious about loving God with all of our heart soul, mind and strength, that is why we place a priority on having a great band and having great worship. We have drums, bass, guitars, keyboards, vocalists and more in our band. We play a diverse range of musical styles from some of the popular worship songs of our day.

We strive to be excellent in our music. We want to help draw the congregation into the presence of God. But more than just having great music, we want to have great hearts toward God. Our focus is on worship, not just good music. We know that if all we have in a service is some good songs, then we have missed the whole purpose of worship. Our faces are turned towards Him, our hands are lifted up to Him, and every word and every note that is sung is sung for Him.

Some say the best part of our service is the time they get to spend in God’s presence during praise and worship. We have seen people saved, healed and set free, through our worship time.

The band members vary in age, education and experience, but all have one thing in common, a desire to see the name of Jesus lifted up. We practice every Sunday before the service and every Sunday at 1:30pm. Come be a part of this powerful ministry.