Vacation Bible School 2
Vacation Bible School 1This summer our church is exploding with excitement as we host Power Lab Vacation Bible School at 5134 Lundy Dr., Raleigh! Every day of this fun-packed week is alive, memorable, entertaining and encouraging. The kids are ready; the team is ready, so come be a part of the best summer yet!

From the start your child will make new friends as they join their very own Lab Crew – a group of young people their age that they will do all kinds of fun, learning activities with.

Every morning we will begin with Sonic Sing and Play in our Science-themed space. It‘s really cool! At Sonic Sing and Play there is high-energy singing and worship to start our day off right. A live band will lead us in loud, active songs. We also teach our main Bible point of the day and illustrate it with a humorous skit during this time. This is some of the most fun of the day!

Vacation Bible School 2After this, we will break into groups where we play some incredible Hyperspeed Games. Not only are the games energetic and fun, but they also help illustrate the main Bible point of the day. While you are having a blast you are also learning. It’s great!

Bible Blast comes up next, with an incredible time of studying God’s word with skits, demonstrations, illustrations and more. This isn’t your average bible story time – get ready to learn about God and have a great time doing it!

Next the kids will get their hands into a ton of craft fun at Wacky Works. Painting, making science toys, jewelry and more will keep your young person busy. Every craft reinforces the Bible point of the day and can be taken home to entertain them and remind them what VBS is all about.

Vacation Bible School 3Snack time at our Test Tube Treats can take you by surprise if you have never been here before. If you are used to the old vanilla wafers and lemonade you have been missing it! We don’t give the kids their snack; they create it, and reinforce the Bible point of the day at the same time. The kids will be filling their tummies with fun food and filling their brains with fun facts at the same time. Yummy!

After recharging the kids with some food fuel, we will present a new episode everyday of Chadder’s Science Adventure. Chadder is a quirky little critter on an exciting adventure that teaches him and all of us about God’s love. We love Chadder and your kids will too!

Next we break into our Lab Crews and discuss more about what we have been learning about that day. This interactive time is great for more questions and personal application. It really helps the kids make what we are talking about real in their lives.

Finally, we end with another blowout of rowdy music and praise at our Faith Fusion Finale. Feet will be hopping, hands will be clapping and everyone will be bringing down the house with joy-filled singing. It rocks!

The young people will leave excited, and encouraged to love God with all of their heart!

The entire week is Free!

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Monday, June 17 – Friday, June 21, 10am – 12pm

Ages 3-11*

Registration is closed.

*Children younger than 3 years old may attend if accompanied by a parent.