Ministry Director: Eric Whitfield
Who: 6-12 year olds
When: During Sunday Services

At Charisma Children’s Church, our kids learn about God through praise and worship, games, skits, and crafts. We have an exciting place for kids to discovery just how much God loves them. The energy is high and the joy is big! The kids are also challenged to grow in God through scripture memory, reading the Bible and telling others about God. They receive points for various challenges that can be redeemed at the very cool Children’s Church store. Our goal is to have a ministry where kids sense the presence of God, learn an important bible lesson, and have lots of fun.

One of our favorite events of the year is our spectacular Vacation Bible School. Through sets, lighting, drama and more, we take the kids to another time and place. Every year we have a fantastic adventure planned for them for an entire week during the summer. A live band leading in active and heartfelt worship, crazy snacks, video roll-ins, meaningful bible lessons and so much more is jam-packed into this exciting ministry to our kids. As the summer approaches, you can check out more about our incredible VBS on our VBS page. It’s going to be a blast!

We desire that through every story, event, activity and message, that the children realize just how much God loves them. We want them to know that growing in God can be the best part of their week. Our kids love coming to church every Sunday!